6 Days of SUP fun in the sun - bring it on!

Come and enjoy a week of warm water and good living, combined with the ultimate in fun stand-up-paddleboarding events!

A week-long SUP event, with a different discipline each day. To include, short course, long course, downwind racing, river racing and surf racing - but all at easy entry-level grades.

Everyone will be on the same board! (Provided by the organisers)

This is NOT an endurance event - there will be lots of time for relaxing, surfing (conditions permitting) and doing all the other great things on offer in Fiji

Plenty of parties - as everyone will be in the same resort

This event is about having fun. It is NOT about hardcore racing.

Newcomers to SUP competition will be very welcome!

For those not wanting to compete, check out the SUP training/fun week at the same place on 12-19 May!

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